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Buyers' Guides - Hard Gas Mantles

You might think that hard gas mantles are a thing of the past but you would be wrong.  Many people will remember caravan holidays as a child with the comforting hiss of the gas lighting.  Today’s caravans have 12 volt and mains lighting with many having the latest low wattage led lights.  However there is still a big demand for gas mantles and we are pleased to be the main UK distributor for Auerlicht mantles, a name synonymous with gas lighting.  We were previously distributors of Veritas mantles but when the factory in Malta closed down, we were unable to obtain any stock.  We then decided to import mantles from one of the few remaining mantle manufacturers left in the world, Indo Auerlicht in India.  Their mantles are a direct replacement for the most popular Veritas models.   We sell around 10,000 hard gas mantles a year in four different sizes.  They are used in a quite wide variety of places.  We have supplied them for the following uses:-
Street lighting
Many  areas of London are still gas lit, including the royal parks, The Mall, the outside of Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.  The Nottingham Park Estate is gas lit.
Heritage railways.
There are number of heritage railways still use gas lighting to maintain the authenticity of their stations.  Among our customers is the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway which has been used as a location in the making of many period films.  Probably the best known of these is “The Railway Children”
There are still two gas lit cinemas in England
Beach huts and camping barns
Gas mantles are quite commonly used for lighting in beach huts and camping barns as they quite often not connected to the mains and it is indeed often a planning condition that they are not. Their often remote location will also mean that electric lighting is not an option.
Building and construction site accommodation
Gas lighting is used in offices and canteens on building sites because there is generally no electricity main in the early stages.  Generators are quite often the target of thieves costing thousands of pounds so gas lighting is a cost effective alternative.  It also provides some heat during the winter months. 
And of course
Heritage caravans.
There are a surprising number of older caravans that are still gas lit to maintain authenticity.
The four sizes we offer are:
  1. No 1 6998717 20mm ring with 3 lugs sometimes marked 222 
  2. No 2 7998680 28mm ring with 3 lugs sometimes marked 179 or 179-02
  3. No 3 7998748 33mm ring with 3 lugs sometimes marked 8 
  4. Truma 7998666 30mm threaded ring with three lugs 
The ring sizes given are outer diameter.

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