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Buyers' Guides - Travel and Touring

We constantly strive to bring you products that will make your journey safer and easier.  Some products such as bulb and fuse kits (link) for both caravans and trailers, reflective vests, and warning triangles are essential when travelling to some European countries.  We have just added a new product to this list which will become a must for anyone driving to France this summer, the Alco Sense NF Breathalyser kit (link).  These comply with the new French regulation which states that you must carry two breathalysers in your car.  Coupled with this is the banning of  sat navs and similar devices  that alert the driver to speed cameras.  Rumour has it that an overzealous gendarme might  even confiscate a road atlas that has speed camera locations marked on it!  Rules differ from country to country in the EC and it is advisable to check before you travel.  A good source of information is the AA web site

We are the main UK distributor for the unique Bak-rak range of products.  Based around the casting and clam shell assembly which allows to mount a variety of products directly to your towball.  Our best seller in this range is the Basket-rak.  Ideal for the modern hatchback which quite often has very little boot space.  The Basket-Rak allows the carrying of luggage and other bulky items up to a maximum weight of 75kg (check towbar noseweight limit).  When not in use the basket stores as two nestling halves with backbone and casting store inside this.  Also available is an add on kit to carry up to three bikes and a mounting for a plastic box.  Recently reviewed in the June 13th Auto Express. 
Also in this range is the Base-Rak, a flat platform that can be used to carry a multitude of different items from paramotors to mobility scooters.  There is also a basket option which greatly increases its carrying capacity. Other products include the Universal-Rak, useful for mounting vices and steps, the Winch-Rak and the Ski-Rak.  Worth checking out is the swan to flange adaptor that allows you to use a flange ball cycle carrier on the increasingly popular detachable style towbar.  Priced at only £30, it might save you spending a small fortune on a swan neck bike carrier if you already own a flange ball mounted carrier.  The Bak-Rak mount was tested to an incredible 500kg at Lloyds of London so you can be confident it will cope with the demands placed upon it.
A really useful but inexpensive product is the Slidetite range.  If you have ever used a bungee cord and struggled to attach it because it was too short then the Slidetite is for you.  There are four versions but the hook is by far the best seller.  Larger and safer to handle than the traditional metal bungee hook, the Slidetite hook can be attached and removed in seconds meaning the right length every time.  To complement the hook, there is the joiner allowing you to join two ends of bungee cord, the clipper, similar to the hook but clips on to a basket or round bar, and the plate allowing you to anchor bungee cord to the base of a trailer or a boot floor. Bungee cord can be bought by the metre to go with the Slidetite range.
Check out the Adapt-it range of leads and adaptors which cover most 12 volt accessories that you might need to power whilst on the move.
Finally we have become the local distributor for Puncture Safe which repairs punctures as they happen.  It is often hard to tell when a trailer or caravan has a puncture often with catastrophic consequences.  Also many cars do not even have a spare wheel relying on an aerosol to fix and re-inflate a flat tyre.  You can avoid this anxiety with a simple one off treatment which protects your tyres until they reach their legal limit.  Available as a DIY kit or alternatively we would be happy to treat your tyres for you.   

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