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Buyers' Guides - Trailer and Caravan Security

The two main ways of securing your caravan or trailer is either by fitting a hitch lock or a wheel clamp.  Some insurance companies will insist on both.  In our experience whatever you use it has to be easy to install and remove, or you won’t want to fit and that will be the day it is stolen.

Hitch Locks

We recommend the Bulldog range of hitch locks because at the heart of it is the drill and pick resistant lock bolt.  This has been extensively attack tested for your peace of  mind.  They also have, we believe, the most comprehensive range of hitch locks covering all the main makes of coupling including Alko, Bradley Doublelock, Avonride, Winterhoff & Knott.  They offer two versions, the Minilock which can be used hitched or unhitched, and the full size Hitchlock which can only be used unhitched.  They either come with a bright red plastic cover or are painted red to deter would be thieves.

We also offer the Stronghold range. Whilst not as comprehensive as the Bulldog range, they provide an economical alternative while still giving you peace of mind.  The range covers most caravan hitches including both the popular Alko and Winterhoff hitch head stabilisers found on most new caravans.

Wheel clamps

We carry both the Bulldog and Stronghold ranges in stock.  The Bulldog range again utilises the same high security lock bolt as the hitch locks.  They have a wheel clamp to suit all budgets from the easy to fit lightweight Euroclamp to the heavy duty Titan & Centaur clamps.   Whilst the Euroclamp does not protect the wheel nuts/bolts, used with locking wheel bolts it is a very easy to use clamp that does weigh a lot or take up too much room.  It is not wheel specific so will fit a wide range of sizes.

We also stock the Autoclamp and Trailclamp which are lighter alternatives of the traditional wheel clamp.  Both protect the wheel nuts or bolts.

For caravans with alloy wheels, we really like the GT15.  It is a really easy to install two piece wheel clamp.  It fits through one of the spokes of  the wheel and locks together.  It only takes seconds to fit and is relatively lightweight and compact.  Compared to the Alko Secure wheel clamp it is a dream to fit.  The Alko version is wheel specific so if you change your caravan, the chances are it won’t fit the new one.  It requires you to line up the wheel exactly with the receiver which is often easier said than done.

For a really heavy duty traditional wheel, then the Titan and Centaur range is excellent.  The only drawback is there are quite few in the range and the wheel sizes they fit is quite restricted.  If you change caravan or trailer then the chances are it might not fit.  But for security they are hard to beat

We also keep the Stronghold wheel clamps which like the Bulldog Titan and Centaur are traditional style three arm clamps.  However there only three in the range, 8” to 10”, 10” to 14” and 14” to 16”.  You need to set them up once when you first fit it but that’s it.  The advantage of the Stronghold is that you can adjust them to fit another wheel size as long as it is the same size range.

One of our favourites is the Breckland Lockfast.  It doesn’t look impressive at first glance but it is a very compact, lightweight and secure wheel clamp.  It comes with two specially made wheel nuts or bolts to which you attach the clamp in a matter of seconds.  You don’t need the key to lock it.  You simply push in the drill resistant lock and it is secure.  Make sure you have the key with you though or you won’t be able to remove it!  Because it is locked to the wheel, they can’t get it off by letting out the air from the tyre.  It only weighs 3.5kg and takes up very little space when not in use.

Other security ideas

Another useful product is the Stronghold corner steady lock.  This allows you to lock down one or more of the caravan’s corner steadies making it even more difficult to tow away.

With small trailers, we don’t generally recommend wheel clamps because two people could quite easily lift it into the back of van or truck with the clamp attached.  It is much better to hitch lock it to a vehicle or towball fixed to a post. Alternatively chain it to something immovable such as a tree..

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