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Buyers' Guides - Trailers

We believe that we stock a range of trailers that are robust and well constructed but also offer value for money in these difficult times.  All trailers that we supply are ready to tow away, lights & tyre pressures checked.  All you require is a number plate which we can supply if necessary (provided you bring the correct documents with you). 

We will not compromise quality for the sake of a cheaper price which is one of the reasons we recommend Graham Edwards Trailers.  Most people will have heard of Ifor Williams Trailers but in our opinion and in the opinion of many end users, the Graham Edwards is a far superior trailer.  For serious daily work they are hard to beat.  Made in England from predominantly UK manufactured components such as Bradley Couplings and Peak Suspension units, spares are always readily available.

The range of general purpose trailers is particularly versatile with a range of add-on accessories from mesh sides to a box van or livestock top.  Sizes start with a compact 5ft x 3ft single axle and go up to a huge 12ft x 6ft double axle.

The plant trailers are very robust and come with self supporting loading ramps as standard.  Finishing touches include a bucket rest and a lockable toolbox.
Graham Edwards offer a range of flat bed trailers that include the lowest UK manufactured bed height.  Easily removable sides are a useful optional extra which makes them even more versatile.

For those that need it, there is the electrically operated tipping trailer with a three stage ram that lifts the bed high enough to ensure everything is unloaded. 

Relatively new to the range is the car transporter trailer which is already establishing itself as a must have trailer for the serious user.

Where access is limited, we offer the Duuo and Duuo Plus trailers.  Both are well constructed box trailers with a good carrying capacity.  However the base and wheels stow inside the box allowing you to easily store the trailer away through a side gate or normal size door on a set of castors.  If you can get a wheelie bin through then you can get the Duuo through.  Changing the trailer to its stowed position takes around two minutes and doesn’t require any tools.  We carry a full range of spares and accessories for the Duuo range.

For a cost effective and versatile trailer, the Franc Leisure range is hard to beat.  There are three sizes to choose from and a host of optional extras including flat & high covers, high sides, and ABS lids.   Again these are supplied ready to tow away with any extras fitted and checked.  Some of our competitors will show you a complete trailer and then hand you a couple of boxes of self assembly components or ask you for more money to put it together. 

One of our bestsellers is the no nonsense Neptun Pratik.  Ideal for the handyman or self employed tradesman alike.  Comes with a heavy duty phenolic ply base for durability.  When fitted with the optional mesh sides or high sides this trailer has a really useful carrying capacity of  around 500kg.

We also offer the Trax motorbike trailers in three sizes.  The lightweight Mono PM is ideal for small motorbikes or trail bikes.  The Mono Pro and Duo PM10 are really robust heavy duty trailers.  A good tip is to buy an extra runway with the Duo so that you can carry one motorbike centrally if required rather than to one side.  This will also allow you to carry three lightweight trail bikes.  There is an optional loading ramp available for all models which stows on the trailer when not in use.

Coming soon from Trigano, a multi-purpose convertible chassis that can be used as a flatbed, box, motorbike, jet ski, or quad bike trailer.  You buy the basic chassis and whatever extras you require.  Then if later you find your needs change, you only have to buy which ever accessory to convert it to its new use.  We believe this to be unique.  More details to follow shortly.

Before buying a trailer, please feel free to call in and discuss your requirements.  We are always happy to help and will never try and sell you something that is unsuitable for your needs.   However if you do purchase a trailer from us, you can be sure we will always give you excellent after sales service. We endeavour to keep all commonly used spare parts in stock so you are back on the road as quickly as possible.

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