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Caravan and Motorhome

There are many different types of caravan accessories available, ranging from kitchen dinner sets to security supplies. If you are a new caravan owner and plan to travel a lot while using your caravan as a living space, you should start with the basics. Small accessories like wheel chocks and jack pads are great for setting your caravan up for long stays. They should be placed underneath the wheel to keep your vehicle from moving, which is very useful when you are travelling since you won’t have to look for perfectly even spaces to park. The jack pads will allow you to stabilize the caravan and prevent the corner steadies sinking in to the ground.

Keep in mind that wheel chocks are not meant for security purposes, so they shouldn’t be used as an anti-theft device. You don’t need to have an expensive alarm system to protect your caravan from theft. There are a quite a few affordable caravan accessories that are specifically designed for that purpose. Extra door locks are inexpensive and very easy to install. If you want to add on extra locks, make sure that you choose a design that will match your caravan model. Since windows in caravans are typically close to the ground, they should also be secured against intruders. You can use special levers and fittings to protect your windows and at the same time make them easier to open and close.

If you plan to spend a lot of time relaxing outdoors near your caravan when you travel, think about getting a few convenient caravan accessories like portable cooking supplies, masts and antennas. Awnings are also a great investment if you enjoy spending time in the outdoors. They can protect you from the sun and hot weather. While high-quality awnings are more expensive than other types of caravan accessories, they last for a very long time, and they are easy to install on your own. Just make sure that you keep them out of harsh weather to protect them from damage.