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Ring Powersource 500w RINV500

Ring Powersource 500w RINV500
Brand: Ring
Product Code: RINV500
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Ring Powersource 500w RINV500

Powers mains equipment from a 12V source

Portable Mains Power : Ideal for camping, leisure or DIY accessory, powerful enough to run multiple appliances such as televisions with DVD player, battery chargers, digital cameras, personal computers, small power tools and many other applications

The RING POWERSOURCE allows you to power mains equipment directly from a 12vDC source (suchas a car battery). The ideal solution to any mobile power requirements, no noise, and no generators, the PowerSource can simply be attached directly to a 12v DC battery and converts the voltage up to mains power.

It is internally protected by two 35A blade fuses and has a low battery voltage protection alarm.

If your battery voltage drops below 10.0v DC the Powersource will automatically cut off and likewise if the voltage exceeds 15v DC.

For uses with appliances 500w or less.

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