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Cycle Carriers

Whether you bike every day or only occasionally, investing in a good cycle carrier for your car can make biking a lot more convenient. With a car rack, you can take your bike practically anywhere. Biking outdoors in a location that’s far away from your home is incredibly inconvenient if you can’t attach your bike to your car. There is really no other option for biking outdoors besides staying near your home or biking all the way to where you want to go. Car cycle carriers completely eliminate that problem since they allow you to take your bike anywhere you want to use it.

To choose the right cycle carrier, consider your budget, car model and the number of people who plan to use it. If you have a big family and you love being active together, then it’s important to get a larger car cycle carrier that can accommodate several bikes. That way you can take multiple bikes along on family camping trips and get-togethers. Another thing you should think about is fit. Some cycle carriers are designed to go on top of vehicles while others can be attached to the back. Most people prefer models that are rear mounted since they are easier to install and use, but you might want to get one that fits on top of your car if you need to use your boot and want to keep your carrier out of the way. Towbar mounted carriers are much more secure than strap on racks. If you already have a towbar fitted then fine but if you don’t then the additional cost is often worth it. Strap on carriers can often work loose causing damage to the vehicle or even worse, the bikes come off with potentially catastrophic results.

If you are buying your first cycle carrier, focus on products that come with all the accessories you need for secure installation and read the description carefully to make sure that your new cycle carrier can be installed on the type of vehicle you own. If you’re unsure, just give us a call!