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Witter Towball Mounted 2 Bike Carrier ZX302

Witter Towball Mounted 2 Bike Carrier ZX302
Brand: Witter
Product Code: ZX302
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Witter Towball Mounted 2 Bike Carrier ZX302

TThe ZX302 platform style cycle carrier from Witter takes up to two cycles of any size including a child’s. The carrier clamps to a UK towball using a lockable clamp-down lever.The platform will fold down allowing access to the car luggage compartment.

Cycles held by lockable fixed arms to avoid contact between cycles

Additional robust nylon strap fastens cycles to carrier
Adjustable wheel holders accommodate most cycle sizes (including children’s)
Light board with 13 pin plug and 7 pin adaptor
Initial assembly approx 30 minutes 
Maximum payload – 34kg
Unladen weight - 13.5kg
+550mm for ferry dimensions

Special offer for the month of January whilst our workshops are quieter - free assembly worth £25.00

Collection only from our Hitchin premises

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