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Ski-Rak Stainless Steel and Alloy by Bak-rak

Ski-Rak Stainless Steel and Alloy by Bak-rak
Brand: Bak-rak
Product Code: Ski-rak
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Ski-Rak Stainless Steel and Alloy by Bak-rak

A complete ski-carrying solution with space for eight or more skis ( up to 4 snowboards) with or without sticks.

Using the best materials - stainless steel and aluminium.

Light weight and heavy-duty.

Design based on a standard principle used throughout the skiing world.

Securely locks the skis into position with a clamp-lock.

Skis clamped into position with bungee and slidetite.   

Minimal effect on vehicle drag so fuel consumption virtually unaffected.

Just needs a duplicate number plate on most cars.

Up to 10 sets of skis can be put in loose for the final trip to and from the slope.

Will carry up to 4 snowboards on their own or in combination with skis.

Comes complete with all the parts to fit a standard 50mm towball (swan-neck, removable or flange)

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