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Keyhole Lock for Albe EM300 & EM350 Coupling Heads

Keyhole Lock for Albe EM300 & EM350 Coupling Heads

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These are brass coupling locks for the Albe EM300 & EM350 coupling heads
Fits in the slot on the side of the coupling where the wear indicator markings are located.
The key is turned 1/4 of a turn and removed leaving the brass lock in the coupling preventing the operation of the handle.
Lock can be used to lock the trailer to the vehicle or when unattached from the vehicle .

Large boss is 18mm in diameter 13mm long
Middle section is 13.5mm diameter and 10mm across flat sides
Small boss with pin is 9mm diameter

These do not fit the much more common unbraked pressed steel couplings with the small keyhole aperture
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